victories at sea

Plenty of activity happening over at Static Caravan HQ with the news of imminent outings from Woodbine and Ivy band and Stick in the Wheel to arrive not to mention a very limited cassette only release from Art of the Memory Palace. In addition it seems the label may well be turning into a more eclectic collectors haven with the label seemingly concentrating its operations to releasing limited lathe cut outings – no doubt following the gone in the blink of an eye appearance and disappearance of that recent Peter Philipson gem – planned appearances by the diagrams and us and them are mooted. For now a brace of essentials…..

Available as a download only and serving as a herald announcing an imminent and dare we say eagerly awaited debut full length due to dock earth orbit Spring time, ‘Up’ provides the next trajectory curve in Victories at Sea’s already formidable aural arsenal. Cruise controlled upon a killer floor throbbing locked grooving grind once upon a time the secret weapon of a certain White Rose Movement this pulse racing slice of uber cool comes welded upon the acutely chic pop symmetry of a youthfully vibrant Duran Duran dark twin dispersing in its flight path a glacially glazed sonic strobe pulsar of seductive ear candy vapour trailing haloes.

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