hyperslob and the goat meat explosion

Those in need of a little ear wax removing need look no further than a brief moment in the company of an imminent set from Hyperslob and the Goat Meat Explosion entitled ‘infectious yarn’ – though we do feel obliged to add in the obligatory health warning that this may well not only melt your ears clean off but no doubt be the cause of your hi-fi spontaneously combusting. Now we here are currently attempting to download an early heads up of the set – should be done in a week or three – yea thanks BT – super quick broadband my backside, that said if the two preview cuts currently moonlighting on their band camp page are anything to judge by then we are in for a whole heap of impishly raucous unruliness. Frankly you need to hear ‘pink meet’ – an insane slab of discordant and damaged skin blistering noise gored punk-a-rama, whacked out, wired and wilfully wild – and dare we say the most beautifully barmy bad assed and schizoid turntable trasher that we’ve had the pleasure of scorching our lobes in a fair old while. Rather than kowtow to a prescribed form or structure hyperslob and co appear to lunge from the chaotic to the down right deranged with much aplomb all the time going about their way laying waste to all before them in a searing schizophrenic head but that’s as threatening as it is borderline psychotic. ‘little claus’ grimly ascends at different path that’s nevertheless fraught and frenzied in a brooding almost stalker like menace that scowls, prowls and growls with a decidedly acute angular detailing that hints at a darker and youthful Pixies carcass being picked at by a particularly rabid slacker slouching evil twin of Pavement headed up by Simple Kid – essential of course. https://hyperslob.bandcamp.com/

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4 Responses to hyperslob and the goat meat explosion

  1. Ian Stenlund says:

    Thanks for listening and writing, Mark. Love this review. Spot on!

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