45 x 45 x 45 project

a quick press release type thing from Southall Riot’s PhilM concerning a new collectible project from his manufacturing service / imprint 3.45 RPM……


THE PROJECT :  45 x 45rpm records released in editions of a maximum of 45 over the course of one calendar year (stretching from 19th February 2015 to 18th February 2016). That’s an average of one every eight days, for a whole year.

WHAT THE…???:  In September 2014, Phil Macy came back from Germany armed with a record cutting lathe and the idea celebrate the advent of his 45th birthday by trawling through his 20+ years of recording back catalogue, dig out all the deserving tracks he’d recorded in that time that had never been committed to hard wax, and make them available for general turntable usage.

It was an idea two years in the making. Initial plans to use conventional pressing plants fell flat when estimated costs spiralled to around £35k, and waiting times made the necessarily quick turnover times needed unfeasible.It became clear that it’d be more cost effective, and easier to manage schedule deadlines, to self-acquire the means of production. And so 3.45RPM was born.

Tracks will consist of material never previously found on a full commercial vinyl release. Unreleased demos, live tracks, radio sessions, collaborations, anything seen fit for human consumption. Sounds range from agit-pop to post-lo-fi-noise to space rock to ambient balladeering with contributions from such esteemed and unknown undergroung outfits as Kashmir Twist, Southall Riot, I Am Voyager 1, Azimuth Co-Ordinator, Whore?, Ying Tolkien and many more. He has an estimated 600 hours to choose from, so the process of weeding out will be arduous but strict.

Numbers of each disc manufactured will be based on demand.One of each will be made for Phil’s own consumption, and from then on they will be cut to order.There will be no wastage or overstock. A maximum limit of 45 copies will be placed on the manufacture of each title, and after that they will be considered deleted.Each one will be lovingly handcut by PhilM himself, numbered, and packaged in the best style that a quickfire DIY release can offer. Orders are being taken from today with subscription discounts available (see below for prices). The last day possible to order, should any titles still be available, will be 18th Feb 2016…no 454545  titles will be manufactured after that date. It’s history in the making.

Orders will be batched in dispatches, then dispatched in batches, with 3 or 4 discs being delivered in one go approximately once a month.

Orders can be placed via the Contact button. Response can normally be expected within 24 to 48 hours. Orders will be dealt with in a strict first come first served basis. Prices are as follows

1 x 7″ = £8.99 (including UK postage)

10 x 7″ = £79.99 (including UK postage)

45 = £270 (including UK postage)

For Non-UK/Overseas postage and payment methods, please ask for prices (it will include registered/signed for delivery)

Installment payment package for anyone wishing to order all 45 x 45’s :

Initial upfront payment for first 10 x 45 = £80

Second upfront payment for next 10 x 45 = £80

Third upfront payment for next 10 x 45 = £80

Payment for last 15 x 45 = £35

Please make it clear if this is the option you wish to take, so as the later 45’s can be reserved for you.

Payment is via bank transfer or other convenient methods (apart from Paypal. Sorry, no Paypal), the details of which can be obtained by ordering through the Contact button.


track listing details  of the first  10 releases…..

3.45 RPM


454545-1   SOUTHALL RIOT– “Encyclopedia Astronautica” b/w “Falling Slowly”

Release Date : 19th Feb 2015

454545-2   KASHMIR TWIST – “Precious Petal League” b/w “Tetris”

Release Date : 19th Feb 2015

454545-3   I AM VOYAGER 1 – “We Fall To Pieces” b/w “Do You Know (Part Of My Life Mix)”

Release Date :  19th Feb 2015

454545-4   SOUTHALL RIOT – “Diamond To Plastic” b/w “Jefromagnog”

Expected Release Date : 1st Mar 2015

454545-5   PHILMRIOT – “Telephone Box = Prison” b/w “Penny Your Eyes”

Expected Release Date : 12th Mar 2015

454545-6   KASHMIR TWIST – “Remote Control” b/w “Paperhouse”

Expected Release Date : 23rd Mar 2015

454545-7   WHORE? – “Self Doubt” b/w “Syndrome”

Expected Release Date : 30th Mar 2015

454545-8   I AM VOYAGER 1 – “Boy Forgets Girl” b/w “The Ecstacy Of St. Me”

Expected Release Date : April 2015

454545-9   SOUTHALL RIOT – “How Flies Survive The Rain” b/w “Fireworks For The Earworm”

Expected Release Date : April 2015

454545-10  AZIMUTH CO-ORDINATOR – “Very Early Universe” b/w “Millions Of Colours”

Expected Release Date : April 2015




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