cold cold heart

We almost missed this what with all the traffic coming through our inbox of late – not enough hours in the day I hear you cry and not enough ears to listen to everything we say. This however is simply beautiful, understated and oozed in hope and romance. Going by the name ‘Megan’ it’s by Cold Cold Heart who cite in their press release a fondness for Grails whose ability to all at once be simultaneously majestic, moving and monumental is indelibly crafted and inscribed on this slow burning beauty. ‘Megan’ manages to recall two of our favourite bands from yesteryear – namely Shady Bard and the Workhouse – with the formers lightness and adept ability to freeze frame a moment and colour its moods upon a delicate sonic canvas and the latter’s unnerving knack of lighting the blue touch paper to graft something truly expansive and euphoric from a stand still point unmistakably gracing these grooves. Sweetly melancholic and delicately detailed in rolling pastorals, ‘Megan’ smoulders and softly burns with passion, cellos and violas court, curl and caress with sighing opines to arc around the drifting riff meanders and succulent key braids and just when you think all is lost with the lovelorn and forlorn entreaties seemingly spent and in the throes of withdrawal, emerging through the fading haze at the 2.35 mark a sea change and a newly acquired second wind comes to pass, a more determined resolve where all the attending parts gather as one for a final arresting rush. Utterly destroying. An album is currently in the hatching stages, one dares to say if this is a herald as to what is coming then when it emerges it will prove to be an emotional tour de force. Alas for now no sound links but rest assured we are working on them.

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