Now here’s us rightly expecting something a little dreamy and ethereal given that the last release from the Gaphals stable was that quite divine slice of adorable symphonia from Wildhart. Mind you it’s our fault in that had we bothered to read the press release before pressing play we’d have been alerted to several key note clues such as the littering of descriptions such as ‘metal heads’, ‘hardcore’ and ‘stone giants’ which had we been forearmed in the knowledge of may well have prepared us for the gruff grizzled intensity that near blew us off our listening perch the moment this beast cackled into life. Taken from last years ‘modern age mausoleum’ set this is ‘hollow bearer’ by Swedish collective Siberian – a killer slab of bleakly boiled and gnarled n’ grizzled apocalyptic groove which one suspects may well have been raised on the edges of one of hell’s infamous circles, brutalised fury at its most unforgiving all gouged in suffocating despair and damn fine with it.

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