the holy see

I really must apologise to all those who we’ve seemingly let down of late with the delays in reviews and such, you know who you are, and surely but surely we will get around to putting matters right. That said I’m especially embarrassed that so far those long promised reviews of Wizards Tell Lies, the Unseen and the Holy See are yet to see the light of day, I hope you guys haven’t been holding your breath and believe you me it goes without saying that I’m mortified by the thus far omissions. Not that it’s any consolation but by way of an olive branch here’s a nifty little slice of retro groove from the latter mentioned Holy See. Taken from their ‘Osiris’ soundtrack (a cult 60’s TV show aired in a parallel time line)’the love infinity’ is a kooky slice lounge lilted kitsch the type of which one suspects that those dudes over at Trunk records may well appreciably nod approvingly whilst shaking their pants to, a wigged out slice of shimmering wooziness that initially sounds as though its bagged a ride on the tail feathers of the Stones ‘2000 light years’ before going all out there to cook up tripping mosaics of fried farfisas funkiness the likes of which expand heads and sound in truth not unlike some wigged out Barry Gray happening for Anderson’s ‘UFO’ as reheated by a freaky Ozric gathering.

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