adam leonard

Sixth instalment of Adam Leonard’s 8 part Octopus set has just landed, like those gone before a treasure trove of rare cuts sourced from long out of print releases, vaults or abandoned projects left forgotten and thought on lost tape reels – alas no liner notes on this particularly outing (though there is at the close a gem in the guise of a collaboration with the Owl Service and Nancy Wallace entitled ‘Willy O’Winsbury’) which incidentally is available for free for a month, though we did eye the rather elegant and delicately eerie ‘Zeroed in onto the Swede’. This mellowing nugget with its trademark nods to Robyn Hitchcock is possessed of the crystalline frail and fragile chord work of a certain Vini Reilly and Jonny Marr, though scratch a little deeper beneath the murmuring pastoral mosaics and you’ll hear the detached detailing of something that ought to prick and purr the earlobes of those familiar with a youthful Gnac. Somewhere else the haunting ‘death love’ chills and freezes you rooted to the spot amid macabre mirages and the disquieting tip toe of creeping riffs to have us imagining an after-hours gathering of Lupen Crook, Genesis P. Orridge and Edward Ka-Spel performing a murder ballad séance.

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