rob clarke and the brown bears

I’m going to start by using the not so unusual tried and tested step of mentioning the flip side of this next one first. The latest single from Americana bluegrass hillbilly scousers Rob Clarke with the Brown Bears. Rob Clarke as you know or at least ought to know sometimes frequents with 60’s beat grooved messiahs the Wooltones though of late appears to have taken to moonlighting swapping winkle pickers and skinny three pieces for dusty cowboy boots and all manner of ranch hand get ups. ‘Another country song’ sighs sorrowfully amid a congregation of weeping and wailing pedal steels all bruisingly opining as though led from the fore by a broken and dispirited Willie Nelson aided and abetted by a similarly crushed Billy Swan. Of course the lead cut over the A side is no slouch in the affection stakes for ‘blaze of fire’ comes despatched in a rich mid west vintage that’s distilled and smoked in a delightfully lolloping prairie blue lilt. There’s an album idly dozing away rocking on the porch entitled ’10 country greats and one other’ which we suggest you seek out at your earliest convenience.

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