Inventive, infectious and irresistibly kooky, we suspect an irregular head is at work within Sonnymoon. Forthcoming album ‘the courage of present times’ due to land sometime March way may well prove after several hours in its company to be the strangest and most rewarding set you’ll might well hear all year. Defying easy categorization Sonnymoon appear adept at spinning several musical plates all at once whilst in the blink of eye having the impish knack of suddenly breaking to either reverse, turn a sharp left or right to abruptly change direction. Teaser track ‘pop music’ pretty much encapsulates all you fear and desire, in three minutes they take you by the hand aboard a musical hall of mirrors where sounds are disfigured, exaggerated and odd shopped next to each other, hints of a young Laurie Anderson ghost in and out though based on crookedness alone those of you much admiring of the wiring sounds once upon a time heading out of Frank Wobbly and Sons and bigger brother Wobblyhead will adore and rightly so.  

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