been a fair old while since we heard anything from the onomatopoeia imprint by our reckoning last looming with pop platters aplenty courtesy of William D Drake and the occasional mind expanding listening experience that is / was they came from the stars I saw them. Latest arrivals to this occasionally seen imprint are Barringtone whose double header ‘feverhead’ / ‘foxes and brimstone’ proves something of a slow to burn infectious sortie whilst simultaneously found waywardly chartering the outer spheres of surreal pop and that just the flip. For the lead out cut ‘feverhead’ imagine a fleet footed buzz bombed sonic scatter brain rippled in kooky pop kudos navigating the kind of aural alchemy you rightly expect to be hatched had an accidental studio double booking occurred with they might be giants, a very young Mercury Rev and the buggles all squabbling for personal space and once sorting out their differences colluding to cobble together a nifty slice of retro grooved hyper driving motorik magicalia ripped straight from a muscular New Musik songbook. As to the flip – the favoured track of the two if forced to choose for ‘foxes and brimstone’ is a skedaddled slab of wiring art bopped soft psych eccentricity that flitters lightly amid tempting power psych pop flavourings warped by angular rhythms and spruced in crystalline west coast motifs which reference wise needle hop between a pop minded Cardiacs and an ‘SF Sorrow’ era Pretty Things – damn fine by us.  

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