shit and shine

I fear our sound system is going to be in need of some serious counselling after having briefly encountered the opening track of the forthcoming Shit and Shine set for rocket recordings. Never one to make your listening life easy Craig Clouse – for it is he who is Shit and Shine now goes off sonic radar traversing unchartered subterranean sound worlds for the excellently titled ’54 synth-brass, 38 metal guitar 65 cathedrals’ set and in the offing producing perhaps his most user friendly offering to date. Lead out track ‘electric pony 2’ provides the sets gleeful sore thumb, minimalist krautoid hypno groove is perhaps the best way to describe this opening charge, in some respects a step back to the days of tigerbeat6, wobblyhead and those inspired wig flipped happenings from twisted nerve (more pertinently those with head honcho Andy Votel with a side serving of Pimmon seeking to dissolve your head space) albeit with a forward thinking looking over the next hill mind set wired into place, here mutant Tron-esque cold steel shimmers chunner and chatter in blip bleached binary birthing strange dubtronic species and a desolate industrial disquieting chill the likes of which – should you be looking for reference markers – align themselves to the outer axis’ of bureau b’s ahead of the curve  multi-generic environs.  

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