edward ka-spel

And so there were we mentioning Edward Ka-Spel and Beta Lactam Ring and up looms into our listening space the great man himself. Admittedly another download file we’ve had for a while and another that’s been shall we say – a little non forthcoming in revealing its wares. So while we try to resolve such issues we’ve managed at least to sneak a little earful of ‘night terrors’ from his latest ‘the Victoria dimension’ set for BLR records which, unless our lobes do deceive, finds our psychedelic alchemist channelling elements of Barrett and Psychic TV and subsuming them in a creepily eerie lullaby séance which creaks, yawns and chills with sinister unease.  http://www.blrrecords.com/prod/2319/the_victoria_dimension.html#.VMViiP7kf3T

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