hyperslob and the goat meat explosion

We are loving these delinquent dudes, newly peeled video for ‘pink meet’ – a review of which you’ll find aerosol’d somewhere here in big fookin dayglo letters attached to a government health warning screaming ‘wake up and stop dieting on TV talent trash and get your lugs around this’ – seriously the most insanely damaged sub two minute searing and scary schizoid poke you in the eye kick up the backside slab of psychotic punk-a-rama since the Ramones invented the three chord and certainly the damnedest tasty thing to fall into our laps since someone cobbled together Vomitface, frenzied Dead Kennedy’s being mullered by a young and unruly Babes in Toyland – will leave scorch burns on your turntable and if you are really good give you a top-tastic puke green spikey hairdo….


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