Don’t mind admitting that we here are a little more than fond of ‘demon’s hand’ by Swedish lo-fi alchemist Holy. The handiwork of Umea resident Hannes Ferm who it must be said appears an old hand in the crafting of brittle sun fading minimalist soft psych ear candy for the lost that first and foremost ought to appeal to those still digging the very youthful outings by a certain Teardrop Explodes, like a disconsolate Avi Buffalo removed of his effects pedals and radiant west coast warmth, Holy wallows and weaves a most delightful and insidiously skewed earworm that might just have you sneakily thumbing through your record collection for your prized Another Sunny Day classics. An album looms entitled ‘Stabs’ via the pnkslm and ny vag imprints, we suggest you get your pre orders in right now. https://soundcloud.com/pnkslm/holy-demons-hand/   

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