dead wolf club

Last seen parading the drop dead gorgeous ‘healer’ EP on big tea, it’s been such an age that these dudes dared to worry our sound system that we were of a mind to circulate missing person notices. Such fears are at an end with the arrival of ultra cool uber hip happenings emanating from the Dead Wolf Club sound house with an imminent album about to cause deserved frenzied at record emporiums across the nation as well as (we do suspect) incurring moments of heart skipping admiration amongst the underground cognoscenti. Before that though the small though nonetheless consequential detail of a lead out single which finds ‘you’re a hit on the internet’ attracting centre stage attention. Out via the frogcar imprint this wiring babe veers straight into mid 80’s Brix era Fall environs albeit as though led from the fore by a particularly animated John Cooper Clarke no doubt receiving electric shock jolts by an impish off stage and out of sight Mark E Smith, as to the actual song itself an edgy pulse racing and frantic slab of tension taught angular bop that’s liable to set your turntables teeth on edge and give it cause for panic tremors. Essential in case you hadn’t worked it out for yourselves. The band will be touring the UK this month see listings for live experiences.

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