orgasmo sonore

I know I said there were two visitations from the cineploit imprint but the blighters went and sneaked this one in and we just could not resist its charms. This will be the next cineploit release, by orgasmo sonore entitled ‘revisiting obscure library music’ – it does exactly what it says on the tin in re-appraising lost works from Italy’s forgotten film soundtrack past among the selected few with the spotlight shone upon – Les Baxter, Jacky Giordano, Bruno Nicolai, Alessandro Allesandroni and many more are paid homage to in what on first brief listens appears a stunningly chic and beautifully crafted set. For now by way of a teaser the harpsichord heavy ‘theme 1 – Giallo’ smokes seductively between sweeping string romance and faded shadow lined spy noir, switching between seduction and suspense there’s a very distinct Mancini stylising at work albeit as though in symphonic cahoots with Roy Budd.

There’s also a specially dedicated web page whereby OS focuses on those lost past masters of the soundtrack and the musical generic houses within – to date ‘Giallo’ and Francois de Roubaix have been spotlighted…..

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