same label – cineploit – in case you’ve forgotten already or else were so freaked by the previous happening that you and your consciousness have somehow parted company on some mystical astral axis, more tastiness comes in the shape of a forthcoming self titled set from Videogram who for the uninitiated – us included – is Swedish musician Magnus Sellergren – whom it seems has something of a fondness for horrorphonic minimalism and vintage keys most notably those that one time or another adorned soundtracks frequenting cult b-movie screens of the 70’s and 80’s, elements of Carpenter (not least as evidenced on ‘subway stalker’ – very ‘assault on precinct 13’) and Zombi populate his futuristic chill trimmed soundscapes while moments of acutely crooked playfulness occasion the grooves not least on ‘scavolini’s nightmare’ where the worlds of a ‘Zombie’ era Goblin collide with the sparsely macabre lullabies of Landscape. All said showcasing cut ‘2077: raiders of the apocalypse’ is blessed it should be said with a distinct 50’s sci-fi flavouring that imagines Dominic Frontiere channelling the spirit of Pepe and Bebe Barron with the baton being passed to a ‘Scene 30’ era Echoboy’ to apply a distinct dread drilled Tubeway Army styled futile morbidity to proceedings.

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