extradition order

been such a long time since we had occasion to shimmy around the listening room to the sounds of extradition order, if memory serves me right they were a much hailed turntable treat from their distant days on I blame the parents records – a much imprint it should be said. These days signed to the equally admired Jezus Factory stable the band are set to release their third full length in the guise of ‘kennedy’ and come packing a sound so big, brash and brutal its liable to give the occasional bruising side kick just for the listening. From that set looms ‘Bobby’ a deceptively swaggering bad boy that pulses with dark friction all the time aligned to a hip grinding devious funk undercut that when gathered together purr with the kind of slow brooding mercurial artistry that had us on several occasions of a mind to re-hook up with our prized the seal cub clubbing club platters of yesteryear whilst imagining them mainlining on blissed out Suicide trance tones with the ever so subtle undertow of a youthful Bunnymen coursing between the grooves.  

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