false heads

mentioned this a little while back – just before we went off radar…..new thing from grunge stoner psych dudes false-heads – now with woozy visuals……

Gruff grizzled fuzz buzz from False Heads, ‘wrap up’ comes untimely ripped from a forthcoming EP entitled ‘wear and tear’ shortly to be found venturing out via hi4head records and succinctly showcases the bands slow / fast, loud / quiet song craft to perfection to find this bad slab of boogie splicing rarefied generic sub- cultures extrapolated from the likes of John Spencer Blues Explosion and Mudhoney not to mention the kind of growling stoner blues that once upon a time appeared to frequent the bulging catalogue of the Brew imprint, all said though this smarting slice of bludgeoned brooding cool veers ever so craftily into ‘dirty’ era Sonic Youth sound space namely nibbling around the schizo coda of ‘sugar kane’.


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