sonny and the sunsets

okay yes it is strange, partly quirky, partly impish, it doesn’t follow the usual verse / chorus / verse pop coda (though arguably it does – it’s just couched in a way that doesn’t first appear familiar as it weaves between spoken words slacker kookiness and daydream beach pop mirages), indeed you could add that its awkward to that list. But do you know what – we just can’t leave the blighter alone and since arriving in our listening space its craftily laid little hatchlings which cause – nay demand – that we revisit it again and again with the aid of the repeat button. ‘happy carrot health food store’ is taken from the imminent ‘talent night at the Ashram’ full length for polyvinyl by Sonny and the Sunsets, amid this seven minute opus Sonny Smith and Co weave a slow burning psychedelic dream coat dipped in mind expanding opiates, aside the dissipating mosaics the hallucinogenic departure at the 5 minute point alone is enough to have most heads tripping wildly, elsewhere elements of the fuzzy swirls and that same pickled pure pop persona that occasioned the early outings by the Elephant 6 Collective are all irrefutably present with the likes of Mangum, Doss and Hart readily called to mind along with some nifty references to Moviola’s lost gem ‘durable dream’ being hot washed into the bargain.


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