the hanging stars

quick note from Dom Great Pop Supplement / Deep Distance letting us know that a package of goodies is currently making a trek heading straight for our turntable, among the goodies the aforementioned Snails 7 inch along with a platters from Mike and Cara Gangloff and a hotly tipped debut nugget by the Hanging Stars entitled ‘golden vanity’. Compared in passing to the late great Gram Parsons and Gene Clark, this kaleidoscopically swirled slice of soft psyched pastoral pop oozes with the same kind of out of time vintage as the much adored Tokolosh whose singles you ought to recall via Static Caravan had cause to have heads turning and nodding in appreciable fashion here at the Sunday Experience sound shed, that said what awaits here is a sumptuous sub three minute head trip hypno grooved in Cosmic Americana laced and lilted in mind expanding flotillas of lysergic riffola all dinked in a woozy astral travelling campfire spiritualism.


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