the lovely eggs

One time a regular feature around these parts the Lovely Eggs could scarcely squeak for finding mentions aplenty in missives long since forgotten and why not, adored for their insidious impish awkwardness and their want for exacting dislocated and disfigured sub three minute aural paint bombs that oft enacted an acutely teasing bite, the duo ushered in moments of devilishly insane fun to a pop world so often disturbed by a follow the leader safeness and the stale dull  drabness of an overbearing music machine. And then the blighters went from our eye line and out of earshot, to pursue riches and fame we hoped and thought. And so after a long break from these musings they return, with them the promise of a new album ‘this is our nowhere’ and an even newer single ‘magic onion’. Out via the flower of phong imprint (be honest do labels get any cooler?) where it’ll arrive on limited quantities of green onion splatter vinyl with the addition of a Casey Raymond hand produced booklet, ‘magic onion’ is essentially the Fall in some shroom blurred kaleidoscopic Carroll-esque wonderland redecorated by those surrealist Boosh dudes found craftily re-trimming lost Pebbles happenings from some secret psychedelic swirled shed located on the outer edges of reality – freakishly fried stuff.


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