the holy see

They must hate us, in truth we’ve been sitting on various the holy see and the unseen grooves for a while now, they will I guarantee be getting the wordy love and affection they so richly deserve along with various wizards tell lies releases which for reasons I don’t want to get in protracted debates for now about we’ve somewhat taken our eye off and dropped the ball. That said it seems the long mooted 60’s inspired ‘osiris’ soundtrack is set to emerge on the adored cineploit imprint very shortly, a release which should you be one of those number taken by lost sonic ITC signatures by the likes of Gray, Mancini and Astley would do well to seek out and make your own not least because this set comes carved and caressed in the kind of vintage these days being tapped by the finders keepers and trunk crowd – see Andrzej Korzynski. For now though some wig flipping kaleidoscopic grooving in the shape of ‘party at the electric freak out’ which I’m sure we’ve had cause to mention previously, comes shimmered in 60’s seasoned sitar swirls and head expanding hallucinogenic Hammond happenings which all collide to give this beat grooved babe and fried funky bug bitten grind.

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