we, the oceanographers

i’m suspecting that we are going to have a lot of fun with this lots forthcoming debut set, if that is, the preview video and this their recently released first single are anything to judge by. We, the oceanographers are duo Joey Edwards of take the money and run fame and heritage centre man Conal McIntyre (with Sean Bradley drafted in for live appearances) who towards the tail end of last year emerged from their studio hidey hole pretty much fully formed and brandishing beneath their collective arm a limited single release entitled ‘a single by we, the oceanographers’ from which upon whose grooves two cuts featured. ‘same old story’ takes lead pride of place, a strange and curious charmer that grows on repeat listens, shimmered in a deft lightness most would probably call rustic electronica – sparsely wired minimalist electronics whirr and veer with a lackadaisical and faraway head in the clouds dreaminess like lazy eyed pulsars upon a coda – which if I’m honest – slyly nibbles loosely around that of Springsteen’s ‘dancing in the dark’ – yet which reference wise slyly wires itself upon a melodic axis where at one end sits a youthful Swimmer One whilst at the other lurk both Birdpen and Tex La Homa. On the flip you’ll find ‘the ocean’ – in truth our preferred cut given its honeycombed in a demurring 50’s vintage both meek and mellow and yet crushed with a hurting vulnerability that’s shimmered in opining sea faring dissolves.  https://soundcloud.com/we-the-oceanographers/sets/a-single-by-we-the-oceanographers

here’s a taster album preview video – we suggest you pay particular interest to the parting west coast folly and track 2 which rears up like a subdued  superimposers – sounds fine and dandy to us…..

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