die wilde jagd

Must admit we really do love these album trailers – their boldness, their sense of drama and portent. Emerging from the bureau b sound shed any day soon a killer set by de wilde jagd entitled ‘rauhnachte’. For the uninitiated – like me for instance de wilde jagd – or the wild hunt to those whose German is a little ropey and somewhat lacking – are a duo comprising of members of noblesse oblige (Philipp) and unit 4 / karl bartos (Beck). We’ve gotten ourselves a quick earful of the sound cloud snippets we’ve gratefully been sent and can tell that while tracks like ‘wah wah wallenstein’ lurk between the groove lines then wigs are in for some fond flipping with this baby sounding like a darkly set Front 242 meeting Tank and Embryo head on in some Moroder like on Eastern retreat whilst elsewhere our distant memories of DAF, Space, SPK and Cabaret Voltaire are all brought in to vivid recall.

Album trailer goes like this……

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