Those among you with a keen eye and an even keener ear for these things may well recall us falling over ourselves in deep admiration sometimes a year or more ago at the appearance on our sound set of oiseaux-tempete. Now with a new album passing its final touches and ready to emerge from the workbench via sub rosa entitled ‘utopiya?’ featuring appearances by the ex’s G W Sok and clarinet player Gareth Davis, the first fruits of which are aired by way of a new single ‘utopiya / on living’. Mournfully dipped within a stirring atmospheric framing, this bruised titan resonates with a forlorn fatalism that’s tearfully crushed in the kind of bleak beauty that once upon a time graced and gripped those early godspeed platters, add to mix the fading majesty of the Grails found here as though wounded and waiting for some apocryphal hand of fate to fall and you have yourself something of a quietly epic and grimly realised counting the days down epitaph. https://soundcloud.com/oiseaux-tempete/utopiya-on-living-feat-gw-sok

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