I’m fairly certain we’ve mentioned Happyness in passing in these musings at one time or another, quite possibly this one in fact given its overly long arduous gestation period. New album (well a repackaged affair with additions) due end of March via the celebrated Moshi Moshi imprint – well I say celebrated but then there’s been no cause for celebration or the hanging out of bunting here because the blighters never send us anything – but hey ho who are we to hold grudges when the occasional critical dig will do. Just for the record ‘weird little birthday’ is the name of the album and from it has been ripped ‘a whole new shape’ which finds the trio engaged in honing their sub four minute craft in the kind of lo-fi buzz sawing noise popping power throb once upon a time visited upon vinyl artefacts whose grooves where smudged by the sonic signatures of dinosaur JR, Velvet Crush and Teenage Fanclub to name but three albeit here sumptuously art bombed into a swoon kissed bliss ball of feel good effervescence.

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