nev cottee

Omnipresent or just bloody nosy, but we happened to eye this on the Static Caravan facebook  page. Described in passing as ‘lee hazelwood fronting spiritualized’ this is a new 10 inch heading out of the aficionado imprint (in Manchester I do believe) by Nev Cottee entitled ‘if I could tell you’ which ought to appeal to those among you who’ve been troubled by repeat nights of sleeplessness imagining in your mind’s eye some softly stirred lazy eyed lilt wherein the serene flyby sounds of the Superimposers had been somewhat pressganged and hoisted aboard a magic boat captained by the Seahawks for a 60’s shimmered astral ride voyaging to the kaleidoscopic woozy worlds of monsterism island though not before popping a few head expanding beyond the wizards sleeve supplied tabs to counter the momentary flashes of consciousness dissipating and realities going all floaty dizziness. And before you ask, yes you do need this in your life – pronto.

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