rob bravery

We here aren’t given over to press release hyperbole, the more they insist we’ll love it and that the track in question is something sitting at the top of our chosen musical street, then the more our sceptical radar starts to nag insisting we take a sharp left turn at the next intersection. Occasionally though there are the seldom salvos who praise their protégées, but do it such that intrigue gets the better of us and whence once heard we are left feeling they’ve somewhat underplayed their hand. Case in point – Rob Bravery – whose latest aural adventure ‘me, myself and the scurvy knave’ follows hot on the heels of his well received debut ‘knock out ginger’ (alas missed around these here parts). Masterful and elegant, whispered in a mercurial classicism and drilled in a song craft seemingly lost its quietly hushed elegance drawing you near as the pastoral keys pirouette, pivot and push towards a wind sweeping beautified crescendo. Between all this the imagery framed in adoring enchantment chimes softly to the free flowing seductive operama of the magic theatre / ooberman.

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