sufjan stevens

There was a time, many moons ago mind, when Asthmatic Kitty used to send CD’s aplenty. And then they stopped. And with that we kind of lost touch with all things Sufjan Stevens, no particular reason, there were other things to listen to and anyway occasional sightings by way of press reports had us concluding his star was in the ascendency and well – Asthmatic Kitty where probably sending their wares to far bigger titles than our seldom seen, hardly heard of somewhat quietly admired journal. And so it was by the power of Twitter that we noted with an interested raised eyebrow a posting declaring a new Sufjan teaser track with video to boot. From a soon to be released full length ‘Carrie and Lowell’ this is the bruised ‘should have known better’ and finds Mr Stevens in reflective and somewhat mournful moods, both haunting and strikingly beautiful and elegant, its traced upon memories of his late mother, his abandonment and his regrets, the melodies longingly swerve with a tumbling pastoral gracefulness haloed in ghostly sepia tweaked chorals to shimmer between bleak sparsely couched despair and radiating rushes of hope which I’ll warn you now will have you teetering between tearful and cheered mood swings. Utterly humbling.

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