adam leonard

Adam Leonard who we mentioned last review out sees the completion of his ‘Octopus’ project with the release of the eighth and therein final part of this extensive and dare we say excellent trawl through the archives. As ever a delicious smattering of covers, live renditions and lost cuts from long deleted physical happenings – oh where to begin, perhaps best with the cover which for the Lennon / McCartney completists among you is a frazzled, fried and wiringly unhinged rephrasing of the Fab Four’s ‘good morning, good morning’ found here relocated as were to a noise core late 80’s New Zealand landscape and oozing in psychosis – always a good thing. Elsewhere there’s ‘elbow of termites’ – a very Robyn Hitchcock styled title it has to be said which is just as well given that this shadowy babe sounds as though its fallen from the grooves of the Soft Boys immortal ‘underwater moonlight’. ‘Napoleon’ here delivered as an acoustic variant is dimpled in the kind of lo-fi wooziness and mildly trippy dreaminess that occasioned lost releases by the likes of sadly missed Southall Riot and Freed Unit, the latter mentioned especially recalled on the delicately sea breezed wistfulness of ‘Wendy sends me’. Somewhere else lurks the unravelling ‘at right angles’ again recalling Hitchcock though here upended by the Egyptians and bliss kissed in lysergic tremors and something which on any other day would have won the award for prized cut of the set where it not for ‘see how the time is flying’ knocking it off its perch, this bitter sweet slice of reflection chiming with the same sweet melancholia traced upon McCartney’s near perfected and willowy mournfulness of ‘fool on the hill’ whilst grieved by the sympathetic swoon of lightly dusted strings a la Nick Drake / Robert Kirby. Word has it that the ‘octopus’ set in its entirety will be making a limited issue physical appearance in box set form entitled ‘octo-box’ soon – frankly we want one – hint hint.

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