doc looksharp

those among you with memories extending beyond gold fish limitations might well recall us falling head over heels at the arrival in our gaff of a collection from .cranio a little while back. Well it seems that .cranio head man Luca Collivasone has of late decamped to his sound shed and under the cover of darkness has been doing a spot of extra curricula work under the guise doc looksharp wherein he’s assembled all manner of non-musical paraphernalia to assemble a curious left of centre collage under the gathering title ‘cacophonator’ which can only be best described as a musique concrete carousel. Now agreed I’m fully aware that there are some of you out there who when faced with those adjoining words ‘musique’ + ‘concrete’ have a tendency to have their blood running cold, but believe you me stay with this because obviously loosely ticking the Scott, Henry, Moondog and Stockhausen boxes vaguely, among this cleverly assembled clock working carnival those admiring of Herbie Hancock’s ‘future shock’ may find themselves pleasantly surprised and succumbed by the seemingly stop motion symphonics impishly at play here. All said don’t be too surprised to find us touching base with this in future despatches.


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