pd wilder

Next up from Silber something quite special, refined and glacially serene. PD Wilder has over the years been a mainstay of the Texan post rock scene notably under the guise more states and hotel hotel. The five track suite ‘o tokke hymns’ is sweetly soured in serene introspection, inspired or rather more prompted and documenting a trip through the mountains of Tennessee to attend an Aunt’s funeral, these frost framed oblique hymnals act as moments freeze framed in stilled tranquil elegance. Ripe for those more attuned to the glacial widescreen mosaics crafted by yellow6, these lonesome aural portraits are trimmed with majesty poise and ghostly introspection that turn from moments of hollowing tear stained detachment and desolation (‘hymn 2’), shadow lined ice sculptured murmurs (‘hymn 3’) to chiming peels of celestial radiance (‘hymn 1’) which all said ought to cater for those whose idealistic sonic cookbook is frequented with the array of aural ingredients hand-picked from the early back catalogue of kranky.  https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/o-tokke-hymns

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