chvad sb

Fifth and final release of the current Silber ‘5 in 5’ salvos comes from Chvad SB found here opting for guitars as opposed to synths for the ice carved quintet that is ‘outside the shadow of an aliquot tree’ – perhaps all said our favourite of the batch not least because these bitter sweet murmurs come attached to the same fragile poise and glacially set treatment that accompanies the porcelain portraits conducted by yellow6. All at once reflective and introspective, echoes of Vini Reilly are found ghosting these mournful mosaics, both tender and tearful they haunt and bite between moments of regret (‘four’) and panoramic serene beauty (the opining sorrow of the seafaring ‘followed by one’) though for us brief as though it is we suggest you turn your roving ear towards the shimmer toned thaw of the shadowy ‘missing sprout’ for added noir eeriness.

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