taxi taxi

I will be honest in saying that there where mild tremors of concern when we eyed the worrying word couplet ‘power ballad’ in their press release introduction. We had dread visions of Tyler, T’Pau and Heart converging ominously at once with the frightening big hair little substance and all the gauche of 80’s hell. Thankfully not so. Hailing from Scandinavia, well Sweden to be precise – home of perfect pop in case you didn’t know, Taxi Taxi are twins Johanna and Miriam who in recent times have seen their wares released on the considerably cool Rumraket label headed up by Efterklang and are now preparing to brave the world at large on their own two (well four) feet with their own delicious demon imprint which all things being well should see the release of a new album. Before that though there is the small but oh so important detail of that ‘power ballad’ to concern oneself with. ‘floating forever’ is seductively ghosted in a becoming sepia trimmed carousel of chiming corteges that upon first listens aligns itself to the kind of mercurial pop formations that once upon a time adored the grooving of Shakespeare’s sister releases. But then scratch a little deeper and amid the reflective vulnerability, the arcing and genuflecting arrangements  that gracefully soar and sigh and love noted lilts swooned and caressed in spectral electro swathes, there’s a blissful pageantry unfurling that’s softly haloed in teen crushed 50’s murmurs that’s channelled and dimpled in the arrest and delicately forlorn pop stature of haight ashbury.

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