nai harvest

Ridiculously up close and personal not to mention adorably chiselled and acutely cut with the kind of jagged effervescent punch you out immediacy of the type that sets pulses racing and the cause of much swooning in the aisles, this is the trailer track from Nai Harvest’s forthcoming sonic paint bomb ‘hairball’. A sub three minute rollercoaster rush of drilled down frenetic shock pop so infectious it ought to come pre-packed with jabs whilst dragging with it hooks by the shedload, dollops of day-glo daubing and a touching of the brittle melodic mayhem that once upon a time attached to the celebrated grooves of platters squirrelled out by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin not to mention so frantic, energetic and frenetic you fear it may spontaneously combust before hitting the end grooving.  The track incidentally is entitled ‘sick on my heart’ and both it and the aforementioned album are due for record emporium counter fisticuffs shortly via topshelf records…..

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