les limbes

We here are all over this like a rash, a quite frankly near perfect nugget from kraut kooled post rockian alchemists Les Limbes who hail from Bordeaux and are the latest invitees into Hidden Shoal’s enviable extended family. Alas we’ve momentarily lost sight of the press mail but we can assure you that this gridlocked grooving is entitled ‘hypersonic’ and comes boiled and curdled in all manner of tension, suspense and a degree of spy themed mystique that finds its ancestral lineage rooted on the Mancini / Barrry axis whilst circumventing the fiery sci-fi stratospheria gouging so admirably trademarked in recent times by the likes of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Man..or Astro Man albeit as though atmospherically equipped  with the kind of consuming wide screen density of an at the height of their powers Workhouse before heading rampaging full fury into the dark heart of Mugstar.  https://soundcloud.com/leslimbes33

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