midwich youth club

We’ve just sent forth quickly despatched missives to Allan Murphy for download links for these releases, so while we wait just a brief mention for a handful of weird and warped moments of fractured crookedness from off the workbench of Midwich Youth Club. Methinks he spoils us for here not one but three releases to whet the listening appetite with the release of 2 volumes of the ‘orphans from the electronic landfill’ collection – in essence a library trawl through the Midwich archives gathering together the more fried and left off centre impish sound sculptures from the dark side of Mr Murphy’s hard drive described as not fitting easily on his usual Soft Bodies sets. These neglected gems reveal a playful side to the Midwich persona, ‘inspector knickers’ (Volume 1) is pure radiophonic absurdia skittering around a sonic playroom that melds 70’s children’s TV caricatures and beaten around the edges goofed out mischief mosaics upon wonky and frazzled kaleidoscopic head kicks. On Volume 2 you’ll be greeted to the hilariously titled ‘the OAP disco dancing championships 1978’ which aside being liable to incur the onset of heart attacks and seizures on said elderly contestants had it been for real, captures perfectly a melodic microcosm of that vintage years kitsch meets disco vibe, all spacey and futuristic and by and large hinting Studio 54 winks in a Cerronne meets moroder frisky wig flipped funked out way. https://midwichyouthclub.bandcamp.com/album/orphans-from-the-electronic-landfill-vol-2 and https://midwichyouthclub.bandcamp.com/album/orphans-from-the-electronic-landfill-vol-1

those however preferring their Midwich Youth Club sounds a little less e number concentrated might do well to seek his rebranding of the Fall’s ‘what you need’ which all said sounds so deliciously irregular and disconnected not to mention etched with a touch of Devo ought to prick the earlobes of those much admiring of the frank and wobbly sons imprint, certainly one to file under the more skedaddled and schizoid, and just for the record, more damaged sections of your prized listening library. https://midwichyouthclub.bandcamp.com/track/what-you-need

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