grrl pal

Cast your minds back a little while to say – January, it was then we encountered duo Grrl Pal who by the time had gotten in touch with us where already three releases into a promised song a month year-long soiree. Not sure what happened to February’s or March’s selections but April’s is shaping up fine and dandy and I must admit has had us buoyed and somewhat bathed in a sunny feel good radiance which is a tad slightly disconcerting given its night-time and fairly miserable outside with the grip of winter hanging on grimly to what is meant to be summertime. But enough of the weather reporting and onward to the sounds, the acutely amorphous ‘radar’ comes demurringly dinked in all manner of affectionate lunar lilts teased in spectral seduction which had I not known better would have unquestionably accepted rumours of it being a dream pop tag team fused by the cross wiring of DNA’s belonging to Dollar and Noblesse Oblige aboard celestial surf boards sky hopping distant star formations ushering beautified Balearic mirages in their vapour trail. Alas no sound cloud links just yet but we are working on it.

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