princess chelsea

Is this not the cutest button you’ve heard in a while, well for us the while in question was in truth about an hour ago when we heard the new Death and Vanilla single and something very tasty heading out of urtovox soon by a toys orchestra, dare we neglect to mention nu grooviness from Grrl Pal – but all that’s for later right. Long standing observers of these missives (indeed I pity you all) might well recall us falling heads over proverbial heels when Princess Chelsea loomed large on our sonic radar a year or more ago with ‘cigarette duet’. Now signed to flying nun / little chief new full length platter ‘the great cybernetic depression’ is due to descend early June and bathe all in amorphous loveliness at least that’s what lead out herald ‘no church on Sunday’ hints. Haloed in minimalist murmurs and delicately ice chiselled in ethereal auras, this breathlessly longing slice of celestial happening is seductively hushed in uplifting swathes of ghostly euphoria all sweetly dream-scaped in flotillas of altering states of grace, quite divine if you ask me.


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