momentary one

And still with Fruits de Mer, it seems their planned label double heading Games for May extravaganza with mega dodo will be graced by two ultra-limited 7 inch releases exclusively available at the event (along with that previously mentioned Games for May 5 track 7 inch – a review of which you’ll find tagged at the end of this mention) – these being the long touted ‘momentary one’ and ‘momentary two’ outings. Only 300 of these babies of which 100 are being shared out among the artists involved with the remaining 200 up for grabs on attendance to this spring filled psyche soiree. All seven tracks featured on these two slabs of vinyl previously appeared on last year’s well received and much adored around here club members double disc freebie set ‘a momentary lapse of vinyl’ – an exhaustive feast that paid tribute to Barrett / Floyd. The selective criteria for these two volumes was it appears to prise together those tracks more readily associated and penned during the pre ‘Dark Side’ phase from a time when psychedelic pied piper Syd set the controls, the first of the two volumes gathering a femme fronted trio of beguiling delights. Ilona V opens proceedings with the quite sublime ‘golden hair’ – brief as it may first appear its ghost like presence is possessed of enough frail ethereal beauty to have the hardiest of souls standing jaw dropped and attentively adoring, its mistily emerged sparse ice draped stilled sereneness echoing the minimalist spell craft of Nico. What Crystal Jacqueline (album review coming incidentally) does with ‘grantchester meadows’ is surely the stuff of ancient spell books, a melodic mysterio shimmered in mystical murmurs and draped in fairy tale follies and arcane legends all beautifully entranced in dream weaved psych folk mirages. Rounding out matters to the groove end, Cary Grace’s ‘cirrus minor’ is beyond bewitchment, siren-esque whispers tremble and tease amid a wood crafted willowyness of bird song and petrified pastorals before ascending into astral pastures wherein a master class of bliss kissed overtures seduce and serenade.     

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