momentary two

Volume II of the momentary twinset opens to the succulently prairie pining sounds of Max Kinghorn-Mills whose re-treatment of ‘dark globe’ is rephrased in a gorgeously honeyed and lazy eyed countrified bouquet to which hints at the genteel carefree lolloping artistry of the Soft Parade and similarly touches base with the yearn and tumble down tuneage of the kingsbury manx and a very youthful of montreal which by our reckoning makes for a delightfully dinked demurring dreamcoat. As previously reported Claudio Cataldi’s rewire of ‘she took a long cold look’ plugs itself directly into the melodic mainframe of a Robyn Hitchcock fronted Egyptians and emerges from the other side smoked in acute coolness. And talking of coolness surely its high time for a Chemistry Set full length following several highly regarded Fruits de Mer happenings they’re found here incidentally craftily weaving elements of the Beach Boys ‘heroes and villains’ along with their own ‘we live as we dream….alone’ into their reading of Floyd’s ‘see emily play’ to concoct a deeply alluring psych pop playground draped in baroque braids and head shrooming woozy flashbacks – just love the Bickers-esque riff opines at the close. Perhaps of the quartet the closest in artistic spirit to Barrett is Todd Dillingham and Golly McCry’s re-tweaking of ‘the gnome’ here recoded in a loon crooned childlike crookedness much recalling the eccentric English psych patronage of the much missed Murmurs of Irma whilst festooned in all manner of surrealist nursery rhyme fayre that taps very loudly on the door of those weird kaleidoscopic heads over at Elephant 6 collective.

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