mike and cara gangloff

Those preferring their sonic delights distilled in traditional gaelic flavourings might well be advised to settle down a spell, kick off your shoes and the woes and trials of the day to be transported to picture postcard views of rolling green hills and the prettified colouring of Spring’s vivid and vibrant floral bouquets. Pressed up on 7 inches of limited wax – 500 to be precise, each coming adorned on – well dark cherry coloured vinyl – all housed in a rather eye catching fold around sleeve – the latest outing from husband and wife folk drone alchemists Mike and Cara Gangloff finds the duo carefully and diligently treating a brace of traditional tunes in the shape of ‘Durang’s hornpipe’ and ‘rake and rambling boy’, the former a flighty jig wherein violas and fiddles sweetly collide, caress and coo to craft a harmonious lilt that speaks in lost tongues to reclaim an artistry studiously alive in a vintage vibrancy rippled in a centuries old merry magicalia. That said we suggest you flip the disc for the bewitching spectacle that is ‘rake and rambling boy’, through the twilight mists a gloriously mesmeric mountain folk spiritual emerges into the clear light, both haunting and beautiful not to say transfixing and sparsely daubed there’s something primitive here channelling heavy upon an aural axis where at one end the youthful intonations of John Fahey are intrinsically tied by unseen apron strings to the Palace Brothers. Via great pop supplement.

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