And so to the Great Pop Supplement. Much buoyed around these here parts by the arrival of a humungous parcel where gathered within the latest seasons flowerings to include some of the dandiest looking wax pressings that’ve come our way in such an age.

First up the Snails who we’ve mentioned in previous musings around here…..again limited and frankly quite desirable not least if it’s the tindersticks and the frail and fragile murmurs of a ‘tigermilk’ era Belle and Sebastian that do float your turntabling boat, certainly one of the finest releases we’ve so far had the pleasure of hearing the year so far. This one comes pressed up on clear vinyl all housed in a rather cute and fetching circular sleeve which on first sight we mistook for being a picture disc….

Our earlier mention in case you missed it is here

While the video which goes a lot like this can be viewed here…..

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