richard moult

Eyed this via an Adam Leonard facebook posting, a track which Mr Leonard appears contributing both vocals and guitar taken from a forthcoming album for wild silence by Richard Moult this is the quite captivating ‘on receiving a box of spring flowers from London’. A baroque beautified Autumnal free spirit swooned in the lush seductive sigh of surrendering string arrangements and the tumbling tremor of key flurries whose becoming and beguiled noir folk flirtations ought to appeal to the more astute listener whose turntable is accustomed to the visitations of platters by the likes of Oddfellows Casino and the Shady Bard.

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  1. delphinedora says:

    Hey, i’m Delphine from Wild Silence label. Thanks for the article on your blog. I’ll release Richard Moult’s forthcoming album. Can you change “wild science” by “wild silence”? thanks…

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