A release that you suspect and fear may fall beneath the radar yet will remain long in the collective memory of all those touched by its sense of acute artistry and classically conceived execution, to grow in stature and affection. Simply entitled ‘the EP’ via daydream records by paperface, the attached press blurb only briefly hints of the wonders to be found locked within the releases secret grooves, the story telling sometimes funny otherwise bitter sweet comes teased in a 60’s classicism once upon a time reclaimed by Divine Comedy, from the lush string seduced opines of opening cut ‘Amsterdam’ something stirs drizzled in a twinkling grandeur that owes much to Bacharach and David to slyly nibble beneath your defences to sigh and swoon gracefully an aural tailoring tweaked in radiance and hinting of the Brigadier whilst seemingly providing a perfect hideaway for Robert Wyatt. The sweet soulful melancholia of the thoughtfully teased ‘out of time’ is softly caressed with the introspective grooving of Oddfellows Casino albeit as though buttressed longingly awash in the blissful beauty of the Panda Gang nee the BDI’s. The punch you out stutter stop go power pop throbbed ‘passer by’ has something of a youthful Elvis Costello cleverly wiring its way to hook into your psyche while the quietly epic and tear stained traced ‘holy water’ rounds out this quite attractive four track set on something of a downcast note swirled in mournful murmurs all kissed with a storm orchestrating finale.  


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