animal daydream

Another release that suffered from the recent house move and nearly got lost as a result, arriving literally on the day we were shipping out and quickly stuffed into a spare bag that until this weekend has remained somewhat free from attention and manhandling. Therefore apologies are long overdue to both label and band – Jigsaw Records and Animal Daydream, the latter of whom arrive sporting a quite dandified feel good four track EP entitled ‘easy pleasures’ which should our ears deceive comes speckled and charmed in the shimmer hazed cool that used to adore the grooves of the Summer Hymns once upon a time when we were all oh so much younger. As advertised four sun-kissed treats await inside this 7 inch set, ‘Canyon Rose’ opens proceedings to the radiant greeting of ‘wild honey-esque’ fanfares before being blissfully trimmed in the delicate driftwood dusting of west coast flavours smoked and lilted in lazy eyed lulls desirably charmed and teased in the kind of country rock vintage that ought to have admirers of both Parsons and Nesmith literally jaws agape. The soulful shimmy of the breezily seafaring ‘glass ships’ arrives equipped with the subtle addition of star dripped cosmic swathes and motorik grooving while the wide eyed sugar rush of the love noted ‘easy pleasures’ is haloed in crushes of softly lulled jangling effervescence that one suspects fans of the Epstein. However for us the best moment of the set by far is the genteel and thoughtful parting floral posy that is ‘I knew you would come along before the fall’ wherein clear hints at a collective fondness for the Left Banke are revealed by way of the ghostly bewitchment of the string sighing baroque folk magicalia unfurling within.

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