jack dangers and wolfgang flur

Certain to fly off the racks in the blink of an eye when it appears early May as a limited 750 only clear vinyl 7 inch via electronic sound, this heavyweight meeting of minds finds Wolfgang Flur in a collaborative face off with Jack Dangers, both surely in need of introduction – the former part of the golden age era Kraftwerk whilst the latter part of the ahead of the curve forward thinking multi generic fusing visionaries Meat Beat Manifesto – began work on ‘staying in the shadow’ last December by way of swapping to and forth audio files from Dusseldorf to San Francisco with the final mixes and mastering completed in February. Alas we’ve only got a 40 second sound clip but I’d like to think we are right in saying there’s more than enough here to get the chattering classes suitably satiated though I must admit we here are getting a little accustomed and dare we say a tad intrigued at the current want of old school pioneers to start digs excavating their past under the auspices of the retro futuristic brolly. But tell me, is it just me who upon encountering ‘staying in the shadow’ detects the distant echo of ‘tour de France’ and ‘computer world’ both feverishly overheating their diodes and being lovingly transposed in the minimalist binary translator of an impishly Dadaist late 70’s experimental Cabaret Voltaire. https://soundcloud.com/electronicsoundmagazine/jack-dangers-wolfgang-flur-staying-in-the-shadow-clip

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