nervous twitch

This one nearly went amiss the recent house move fiasco nonsense, latest on the uber cool punk fox imprint in limited form wherein it comes stamped up on 7 inches of clear blue wax is a spanking three track spike topped lovely from Leeds quartet Nervous Twitch whose 50’s teen pop ram-a-lama infected surf twang is clearly attuned to the legendary femme fronted legends of the past. First up the rapid fire frenetic three chord thrug that is ‘jonny’s got a gun’ pogoes, pokes and punches its way into your affection with all the candy coated gusto of a Shonen Knife smooching session with Helen Love refereed by the Rezillos, short sharp straight to the point dayglo draped punk pouting of the type that much recalls the sorely missed Manhattan Love Suicides. Equally holding its own in the affection stakes ‘And we did’ finds them nodding to both the Shangri-La’s and the Shaggs for some seriously nifty vintage grooved 50’s throb pop whilst curled up to the speakers cooing and shimmying its surf trimmed Spector haloes. All said our favourite moment comes tucked away on the flip side, possessed of a killer corkscrewing riffola punctuated and gouged in stratospheric stabs the teeth baring ‘this modern world’ comes kissed in all manner of panoramic 80’s motifs aligned to the kind of super cooled swagger and smoulder that leaves you adoring in the aisles which if you’re none too careful might leave you open to being steamrollered by the oncoming killer crunch of its hook heaving chorus line.   

Moving pictures here…..

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