the lucid dream

And back with the Great Pop Supplement for the sophomore outing from the Lucid Dream, the eye catching limited to 750 split colour vinyl version (aqua marine / green) is worth the entrance fee alone (the standard CD variant coming via holy are you?). Upon the grooves are pressed 8 head shrooming kraut kooled white knuckle mind expanders that find the Lucid dudes hyper driving the cosmic divides in a bliss kissed haze of lock grooving loveliness to find them upping the ante on the chasing pack. ‘mona lisa’ opens matters with a pensive majesty and locates them exploring the more muscular psych pummelling territories of fellow cosmic cadets hookworms and eat lights become lights, a hulking 8 minute cosmic odyssey that soon rips free of its harnesses hurtling skywards adorned and draped in crystalline Will Bunnymen Sergeant-esque motifs and freewheeling with it a head caning nuts down foot to the pedal melodic magma swathed in trip-a-delic reverbs and snake charmed opines. Previously mentioned around these here parts when it was originally sent on reconnaissance manoeuvres by way as a herald, the uber cool ‘cold killer’ is so sexy it ought by rights to come certificated with a health warning and arrives dead eyed and shimmer toned in a seductively shadow lined strut gouged framing that finds it clipped in the kind of pulse racing frenzied motorik mantra that see it veering head first into the psychotropic white out of a particularly potently volatile Insect Guide whilst hooked upon a brain washing dream machine. Starting brightly the fractious ‘the darkest day – head musik’ is groomed and ached in Stones-esque ‘paint it black’ dissipates, the tightening grip of desperation slowly strangling with vice like tension to undergo a fracturing, anxiety amassing descent into darkening oblivion ablaze in a head melting swirling feedback inferno. Somewhere else ratcheting up the velocity the single ‘moonstruck’ flies straight into the epicentre of a Hawkwind black hole for a thunderous heart attack inducing cosmicalic ride while over on side 2 things get somewhat looser and decidedly mellow not least on the hypno grooved bliss kissed love charm ‘morning breeze’ wherein from out of the trance toned arabesque haze a white hot cauldron of frantic feedback fury encircles to a craft a cataclysmic finale. Methinks one for your festival playlists, just like it says on the tin ‘unchained dub’ is your smoking chill tipped mind morphing tab toking trip-a-hula, spaced out dubtronics give it a feel of a lunar shanty at times reminiscent of Discordia replete with laser strobes and wigged out psychotropics which inevitably falls into and leads onto ‘unchained’, a bubble grooved beauty trip wired to the subtle haze of west coast vibes and ghosted in the sunny ram-a-lama beat pop grooved aspect of Spectrum albeit as though tweaked by Joe Meek. All said though, for all the blurring effects pedal shimmers we here are more than a tad fond of the closing ‘you and I’ a gorgeously monochrome misty eyed homage to 50’s bubble grooved teen angst teased in forlorn showers of yearn all haloed in a golden age pop vintage as though the result of some ghostly visitation by way of lost transmissions piped across the galactic quadrants from long dead distant cosmic outposts. Bliss.     


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